Kayla Harris


Welcome to my Blog and thank you for your interest.

As you will come to see, my interest is all about us Women. The aim of the game is to provide as much information as I can access for anyone who may have ever experienced Domestic Violence at any level, and even those who just want to be able to avoid it!

I want to encourage schools to introduce the Freedom Programme and Protective Behaviours as part of the national curriculum for 12-16 year olds. They are massively important educational courses that help women from all backgrounds understand abuse and learn to protect themselves from harm in relationships.

From this website you will find helpful links to available resources, book reviews that can offer information to young adults as well as us oldies (:)) how to access these courses and also to provide the public with the opportunity to add their own views on this subject. People can offer their own knowledge about where to find other resources.

As the media is bringing the Social Services into the limelight and the deficiencies in their system, and because it is of equal importance to me, I am going to be writing articles about a particular case close to my heart. I will be addressing issues surrounding the unfair treatment women receive whilst involved in the system and to offer the public the opportunity to add their own stories (anonymously) or views on these stories.

Watch this space, so they say and I hope you all gain something from this.

Big hugs out to you x x

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