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Solstice at Stonewylde

Book 3 – Review It may not be obvious to many people, but before ‘real’ abuse there comes; ‘Grooming’. This can be the most difficult and yet  is a commonly repeated issue that women contend with every single day. It indicates the very start of abuse yet is the hardest to determine. It can also […]


Stonewylde Review Number 2

Moondance of Stonewylde Book 2 I was under no illusion this time when I approached Moondance, there was no doubt that I would be taken deeper into the rabbit hole and shown an even darker side to Stonewylde. Yet, still it left me breathless. This book had me feeling like I was suffocating and drowning […]


Stonewylde Review

The Stonewylde Series Kit Berry  Book 1 ; The Magus of Stonewylde In many ways, the Stonewylde series is a modern-day fairytale of two teenagers faced with the difficulties of entering adulthood and falling in love. It is a story of overcoming fears and finding one’s inner strength and courage. And yet, rather aptly, Stonewylde is a […]


Influencing Women: Responsibility in Writing

Having been a keen reader since childhood, I have devoured a great many books over my time. In the early days it was the Point Horror series that had me glued to my bed every evening and weekend. From there I felt brave enough to tackle Stephen King until finally taking on Shaun Hutson novels; […]