Kayla Harris

It’s Been Too long…

Having been well over a year since I last applied any effort to this website I finally came round to making my decision that now is most certainly the time to jolly well get back into it!! I was at a bizarre and yet surprisingly enjoyable party this weekend, planned on behalf of my parents. It was held at the home of a close friend of theirs, who had independently concocted an entire fictional wedding for them. It sounds a little crazy, I know, and believe me we all expected some kind of disaster to happen, considering that the whole thing was kept completely secret from the ‘Bride and Groom’, and even some of the guests!! My parents have been together 21 years and have never once thought of actually marrying since their engagement 20 years ago, so their friend decided she would nudge them in the ‘right’ direction…

Anyhow, I got talking to some people I hadn’t met before and got into a friendly debate about how passionate I am about the subject of D.V. and where lies the problems etc and began this long and excitable rant. This got me to thinking that all the work I had started was at risk of being wasted if I continued to neglect it.

I’m not without my reasons and to be honest, I had far too much going on at home to be able to concentrate on this, but nonetheless here we are, things have settled down and I am finally feeling motivated and ready to get tap-tap-tapping on my keyboard once more. I even made my first tentative steps back into the world of Twitter and have already been surprised by the response.

I have had a pretty extreme year; it’s been a roller-coaster of emotions and learning curves, tears and laughter. It has also been a very literary year. I have had my nose buried in as many books as I could squeeze in and I am full to the brim with opinions and excitement about what I’ve discovered.

Over the next course of, well, however long it takes, I am hoping to spread the word about literature that I believe speaks for women. I had started reading and then became quite fascinated by the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault and inevitably, by delving into this world it wasn’t long before I discovered the amazing Angela Carter, with whom I have grown to love more and more no matter what terrifying world she takes me into. I have devoured almost all of her novels and short stories from The Magic Toyshop to The Bloody Chamber and never once has she failed to deliver. Alongside her, I found authors such as Jeanette Winterson and Joyce Carol Oates. I am only just at the start of making my way through their collections but even so, I am very excited to continue. All such amazing writers with fantastic views and stories to tell and they write with the heart of feminists. When I first began expressing opinions and writing reviews last year, I very taken by Kit Berry and her fantastic knowledge about the subject and the way in which she puts it to use, her novels are educational in their own right. I also promoted my choices of YA writers who definitely took responsibility when portraying their leading female characters and was always keen to expand my reading horizons and share my views with others, but not only that, I wanted to find material that tackles everyday issues and expresses views for women across the board.

There were male authors that I read that have definitely been mentioned, if not pushed, to friends and family because of how they write and how they portray certain issues, for example; John Fowles – The Collector – was one that really blew me away. It certainly does not have a happy ending and leaves you with a sense of unease that is hard to shake, but should a young woman read it whilst she is getting to grips with people around them and their behavior, then their own protective instincts might be heightened by even a little after reading this. However, I shall save my thoughts on this and others for another time, but you might be getting the idea by now.

With all of this in mind, I am hoping to be able to connect the things I’ve read to my own experiences and try to explain why I believe they are important writers for women to experience (besides the fact that they are all hailed as superb writers from people of far higher credentials than little old me). I also hope I manage to offer a different perspective to anyone who enjoys reading.


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